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art work by Sabine Neuhauß
created during the Movalogue 2018

An Invitation to Participate

Dear community of SPT practitioners,

COVID-19 is influencing our lives in various intensity. Different regions are in different phases of the spreading and there are various strategies and measures in place. The Movalogue 2020 is taking this different possibilities into account and emerges towards a hybrid model of global online and local offline events.

Holding space for such a globally emerging project during transforming times isn't always easy, but goes hand in hand with an open field of new possibilities, which the co-creating team described by the following core attributes:

  • curiosity

  • simplicity

  • stay with it

  • being the soil

  • weaving local and global together

  • creating impact

It's a space for various individual and collective initiatives of SPT practitioners whether it is online or offline, global or local, in different time zones or languages.     

* Go With What You Love *.

points towards this year's leading intention and core source of emergence, which glues all different initiatives together.

We are looking very much forward to meeting you!

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