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An invitation from Pan-Asia region

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

visual by Petra Borgmann Durrie

This year 2022, Movalogue Global Forum will take place on August 26-28. Lakshminarayana and Jennifer both are firekeepers in the organizing team, would like to extend the space to be held in Pan-Asia region. We would like to invite you, whoever are interested in joining us to have a prep joint call on July 9.

Possible to share:

  • The Movalogue experience.

  • What inspires me to join.

  • Explore what’s emerging

In fact, welcome unknown is the key underpinning. We are a bit arousal by this-not knowing. Hope you can join! We will start with contemplative/meditative practice first.

90-mins Zoom access: July 9 Saturday

Indian time 17:30./Philippine time 20:00/Sydney time 22:00

Looking forward to further co-cultivating a social field of heart with you.

Lakshminarayana and Jennifer

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