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Gentle waves of heartfelt connection

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

2023 is rising. It is still winter and many of us are just slowly moving out of the inspirational time between the years. David Hinton, who published numerous books of poetry and essays, and many translations of ancient Chinese poetry and philosophy described this time as following:

Winter is a kind of pregnant emptiness. Spring emerges out of that—it flourishes. And life flourishes in summer and then dies back into that emptiness of winter. And you realize, oh, my thoughts are doing the same thing that the ten thousand things do - they are part of the same tissue... And so that’s another radical reweaving of consciousness and wildness—what I mean by “wild mind.”

Being part of Movalogue since 2017 I feel the above quote perfectly describes the organic flow of a new Movalogue cycle. In January, February many of us are still more living in the ground, digesting and composting experiences of the past year, preparing the soil for a next cycle to happen. In March, April first tender structures, colors and forms become visible, further growing in May, June and fully blossoming in summer time, when the annual global event is happening.

This year sixteen human souls participated in the inaugural session of Open Movalogue Calls in January creating gentle waves of heartfelt connection in an ocean of stillness. After a rich check-in, giving space especially to new guests, we focused on being loyal to our bodies and shared the qualities we noticed in duets, dancing with words and movement.

Simply Being in a global space with others (see a map at the bottom), trusting in the ability to express our basic goodness through embodied language, created a warm, safe container of love and freedom. Even those who were freezing at the beginning, left in warmth.

Denise, Geisa and Petra again beautifully caught the essence of our meeting with their visual scribing creating resonance beyond meaning.


In case you would like to join our dance into a new cycle of Movement and Dialogue you are very welcome to show up on Tuesday, February 21 at 4pm CET/ 10 am EST/ 7 am PST/ 11 pm CST/ 8:30 pm IST. To receive the zoom link please press below button and register.

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

Your Movalogue Firekeepers


Open Movalogue Call Participant Map - January 2023

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