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Movalogue 2023 - Towards Collective Harvesting

Generative Scribing from Day 1, by Margarita Reyes (Colombia)

Movalogue´s 2023 annual celebration happened during the last weekend of August, where we explored the motto “Revealing the Art and Heart of Daily Life”. Our hybrid 3-day gathering was very rich in experiences, sharings and learnings!

In our next Open Call (on Sept. 19th), we would love to hear from all of those who contributed to this event.

Following the cooking analogy used in the online core program, we invite you to Movalogue's global kitchen to begin our collective harvest:

“In the kitchen

I see the world,

I see the colors of life,

The smells of memories,

the flavors of hope.

In the kitchen

I create my own world:

A world of laughter,

A world of family and friends.

In the kitchen

I´m at home."

Sabrina Calvo

How did Movalogue 2023 move us? What favourite meals did we cook together? What unique flavours emerged and surprised us? What daily life ingredients would we like to continue cultivating? What is Movalogue in service of?

Harvesting together is an opportunity to:

  • Share and savour the joy and ‘left-overs’ from our annual celebration, recycling back through composting, nothing goes to waste.

  • Appreciate and celebrate the many hands and hearts that revealed themselves.

  • See and sense ourselves as a global family.

Come and join us at the next monthly Open Call on Tuesday 19th September at 10am EST / 4pm CEST. Everyone is welcome to be a part of Movalogue´s global family!

With love & appreciation,

Movalogue Firekeepers

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