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Last week of August, "Quinta Ten Chi" in Sintra, Portugal

Your Hosting Team

art work by Sabine Neuhauß
created during the Movalogue 2018

Invitation of 2019

Dancing into the unknown with Curiosity

Dancing from me to we with Compassion

Dancing into co-creation with Courage


Movalogue 2019 is about exploring how Social Presencing Theatre helps support these living qualities, for us as individuals, as a community and into the wider web of life.

Our intention is to do this in a co-creative way by deepening our SPT practices and creating stronger connections within our global practitioners’ community.


Practically what does this mean ?

  • Practicing and facilitating the SPT exercises

  • Exchanging about applications of SPT in different contexts 

  • Adapting the SPT practices to specific contexts

  • Exploring the relationship between SPT and other social art forms

  • Exploring the research potential of SPT

As a hosting team we feel that the specific contents of the practicing sessions need to emerge from the community itself in order for Movalogue to be in service of the deeper needs and intentions of the participants.

Movalogue 2019 as a safe, structuring container

  • A plenary morning ritual with stillness and the basic practices of 20’ Dance and Village

  • A plenary evening session of shared, embodied storytelling and reflections about the experiences of the day

Between the two, in the morning there will be an open session to let topics surface and groups form. Along the day, the self-organized groups will move into their specific explorations.

Movalogue as a shared social experience

Inner essence

Each morning we will invite one quality – curiosity, compassion, courage – to inform the social field. The day will unfold as it will. In our evening reflections, we will bring back the theme to consciousness and feel its essence.

Outer reality

Movalogue is a participatory event in which we all take care of the wellbeing of the community. Our shared dance will include house tasks such as preparing coffee-breaks, setting tables, cleaning up, washing up, helping out, etc. 


Movalogue 2019 has the joy to celebrate the official opening of the new QUINTA TEN CHI center

Quinta Ten Chi is a center for collective embodied social arts run by a group of inspiring people, including Rita Venturini, one of our hosts.

To honor the spirit of the place we will co-create a late afternoon event open to friends and local citizens, during which people will be invited to experience SPT in different ways and get a feeling of its beauty and purpose. The day will close with a shared diner on the beautiful grounds of the center. 


What may be your needs and wishes for Movalogue 2019 ?

You might only find out once you are there.

Or you might have some budding ideas. If so, please share them with us in the registration form or exchange with other participants via

Before the event we will organize a collective Zoom call to connect with you and collect your seeds for Movalogue 2019. Stay tuned!

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