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Revealing the ART and HEART of Daily Life 

Heart is placed in the center.

What stays in me is the notion of love, emergence and day2day life.

Very touching and comforting. I see and sense the movement around the heart. I feel the love that connects us.

We are family.

Local and global seeds nurturing collaborative spaces and places for hearts, minds and bodies to live, learn, work and love together.

“Being in the present moment is ordinary. It’s the point of being human”  (from the book “Turning your Mind into an Ally”)

Our experience of Theos is deeply rooted in our ordinary humanness...💓

 I feel this is an integrating synthesis which opens to infinite possibilities!! 👌💗🌀

Weaving into the tapestry with all the pearls already there..


Global Movalogue 2023
August 25, 26, 27

Love to Co-Create?

Movalogue offers various forms of participation. 

  • You love to host a local Movalogue in your area? Please formally apply by providing some basic information via this form.

  • You love to facilitate/ co-create an online session before or after the daily main program? Please apply by providing some basic information what your session will be about via this form. We will then follow up with you.

  • support in other ways i.e. as a visual facilitator, tech host, translator, sponsor, …

Please fill below form to let us know about your ideas. We will be glad to support your initiative and follow up with you.

(open form in new window)

You can contribute

as a facilitator/host, click the button below

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