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Principles and Qualities

What is Social Presencing Theater?

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is a methodology developed by Arawana Hayashi in collaboration with Otto Scharmer at the Presencing Institute. The awareness practices involve movement, and empower participants to better understand reality and explore emerging future possibilities. Simple movements and shapes help direct attention to existing patterns of experience, dissolve limiting concepts, communicate directly, access intuition and make leverage points for profound change visible.

​The word theater comes from the Greek thea, which means “the act of seeing.” The word, theater, can be defined as a “place of enactment of significant events or actions.”

​By sensing, thoughtfully reflecting and focusing on facts (warm data), practitioners get in touch with their inner and outer reality. They learn to be fully present. In this relaxed state, blind spots become visible. New ideas and possibilities can be visualized.

​The first step is to bring such new ideas into being. It is a playful, nurturing and creative process. SPT can be practiced at the individual, group, organizational and larger social systems level.

more at: Social Presencing Theater

What is Movalogue?

Movalogue is rooted in Social Presencing Theater and unifies Movement and Dialogue. It was initiated out of a longing to create a collaborative, participatory space for SPT lovers to share experiences, deepen SPT practice and build heartfelt connections.

After first ideas about an first European in-person gathering were born in summer 2017 and embody in 2018 it organically grew into a truly global movement with regular monthly online meetings (Open Movalogue Calls) and a 3-day annual hybrid event where SPT practitioners and friends meet online and in-person at various places. Below listing of the annual events and its mottos will give you a glimpse about Movalogue’s development over the time.

As with a child - which at first you might try to bring up according to your own ideas - in the course of the first years step by step an independent character with specific qualities became visible. Below we try to introduce these specific qualities, which influenced our leading principles to create a safe space for Movalogue’s further growth. It is always a snapshot of the current and might further change over the time or be extended by new insights as they organically unfold.

  • Basic Goodness is the recognition that each person possesses an innate goodness within them. Individually, it can be noticed when we exhibit kindness and empathy. Collectively, it can be observed in moments of solidarity and genuine connection, fostering a more compassionate society. By nurturing and expressing our inherent goodness, we inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of positivity.

  • Radical Nowness is about fully embracing the present moment and letting go of expectations for specific outcomes. By releasing the need to control or predict what will happen, we open ourselves up to surprising possibilities that emerge naturally. It's like stepping into the unknown and allowing the present to unfold in its own unique way, often leading to unexpected and delightful experiences that we couldn't have planned for. Radical nowness invites us to surrender to the magic of the present and embrace the potential for extraordinary moments to arise.

  • Loving kindness can be noticed as a profound quality of the human heart that encourages curiosity, transcends boundaries and deeply connects people. It is a genuine and unconditional love that goes beyond personal preferences, judgments, or biases and transcends cultural, social, and geographical boundaries. It is the ability to extend compassion, understanding, and goodwill to all living beings. By embracing loving kindness, we tap into a wellspring of resonance and compassion that allows us to see beyond our differences and connect on a deeper level. It recognizes the shared vulnerabilities and joys of being human, fostering empathy and understanding. Movalogue embracing loving kindness is a transformative force reminding us that, deep down, we all share a common humanity and that our actions, guided by love and kindness, can create a ripple effect of positive change.

  • Being loyal to our body means acknowledging and honoring the profound intelligence that exists within us, beyond just our minds. Our bodies possess an innate wisdom that can guide us in making decisions, understanding our emotions, and connecting with our true selves on a deeper level. By developing a capacity to listen to our bodies, we cultivate a greater awareness of our physical sensations, emotions, and intuition, allowing us to tap into a wealth of valuable information and insights. When we embrace this principle at Movalogue, we encourage participants to take a holistic approach to knowledge and understanding. By integrating the wisdom of our bodies with our cognitive knowledge, we unlock a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Throughout Movalogue, we provide opportunities for participants to engage in practices that promote body awareness, such as mindfulness exercises, movement workshops rooted in SPT practices, and art based practices. These activities aim to help you attune to the messages your body is conveying, empowering you to make decisions and engage in discussions with a deeper sense of authenticity and alignment.

  • Transparency is a fundamental principle that promotes openness, accountability, and clarity in various aspects of collaboration, organization, and financial matters. It involves sharing information, processes, and decisions openly and honestly, enabling individuals and stakeholders to have a clear understanding of what is happening and why. Transparency creates an environment of trust, as it allows individuals to understand how their contributions align with broader organizational objectives and fosters a sense of ownership and engagement.

  • The principle of Ownership and Distributed Power holds great significance for the flourishing of the Movalogue. By embracing this principle, we recognize that organic growth relies on the collective participation, engagement, and responsibility of all participants. Movalogue encourages a sense of shared ownership and accountability, empowering each individual to contribute their unique perspectives, skills, and talents. This inclusivity fosters a diverse and vibrant community where everyone's voice is valued. By honoring Ownership and distributed power, we promote a sense of equality and fosters a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration.  

  • Integrating the Extraordinary into Daily Life as we attend with love and kindness to our daily routines, like making tea, coffee or a smoothie for ourselves and loved ones. And appreciating the miracle that life is in our daily being and conversations.

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