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A group of people keeps the fire burning between the annual Movalogue gatherings. Their commitment and dedication nourishes  the soil for its creation and flourishing.   


Dirk Bräuninger


After more than 30 years in international management  Dirks today's passion is about the sustainable creation of mindful and appreciative spaces for individual and collective development.

His focus is on methods for developing inner intuitive, non-cognitive resources.

Starting to practice Social Presencing Theater in 2015 he facilitated more than 20 different SPT events with allover about 200 participants. Since January 2017 he is offering basic courses at Alanus Werkhaus. 

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Petra Borgmann Durrie


The ability to shift from thinking - a linear system - to feeling - a holistic system/360 degree view - are complex processes in our brain and body. I explore and study these processes to become aware of our conscious and unconscious processes and behaviors. Exploring our feelings, thoughts and actions expands our ability to create the life we want to live. This allows us to create relationships and environments where we feel connected to ourselves, others, and the planet.

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Geisa Paganini De Mio


Geisa has been working on projects and academic initiatives related to Sustainable
Development Goals and Agenda 2030, environmental conflict resolution by consensus
building and community collaborative movements.
She fell in love with scribing when she noticed the practice for the first time in 2018.
Since then she has been searching for challenges and in a continuous learning process
related to using this social art on service of people, organizations and systems.

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Patricia Scott


Born and based in Argentina, I love feeling part of the interconnected evolutionary flow of Life, and thoroughly enjoy cultivating Presence through embodied practices which reveal the wisdom and creativity available to us at all times. Trained as a Social Worker, Family Therapist and Yoga Teacher, I integrate my experience in public institutions and my private practice to facilitate conscious individual and collective transformation processes

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Hellen Hettinga

France / Netherlands

My work is about helping people, organisations, communities and places be sources of and for regeneration.
Enabling conversations that matter, to learn collectively and inclusively for people and planet to thrive. 
One conversation at a time. 

An explorer at heart, I lived and worked in various parts of the world and now I am based in Paris region, France.
Searching for some kind of ‘universal language’ beyond borders of cultures and languages, I discovered embodied practices and Social Presencing Theater (hybrid training with Arawana Hayashi). 

Movalogue brings together the practice of dialogue and movement. For me this has become a vital space to sense, experiment and learn individually and collectively.
Since 2022 I am part of the Movalogue Firekeepers. 

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Lakshminarayanan has been working with empowering economically challenged communities in providing medical care and emotional support for more than a decade.

Being associated with ontology based trainings for several years and he is currently  pursuing his life's purpose as a facilitator in healing trauma for individuals and organizations.

He works exclusively in transforming the quality of lives of people impacted with Trauma (stress, anxiety and other mental health issues affecting their day to day lives, jobs, relationship and overall health)

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Jennifer Cheng


Curiosity is main theme in my life. To explore the world, I run, travel and learn the wonders around me. After years of experience in wandering from Taipei, NYC, to Shanghai, living and working as technician, PR and HR, the real wonder woes me most is human being. To seek the understanding of myself as a human being, I set off my inner journey through DLT(Diamond Logos Teachings) and yoga experiments. Nevertheless in 2015, sudying in SPT with Arawana was another unfolding moment of truth of my life. Since 2020 I have been giving services through yoga practices, SPT practices and DLT embodiment counseling in various forms, from 1-1 coaching to online sessions and real time f2f events. I appreciate this journey and everyone I met along the way.

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Allie Middleton

United States

Heartfully committed to embodied creativity and contemplative inquiry in her life and work, Allie is eternally grateful for her Quaker ancestry and diverse spiritual roots, as well the many places & spaces on the planet where she has met playmates and teachers.

After a long career as an innovative ‘inside’ change-maker and outdoor wilderness guide, she serves as an integrative mind-body coach and creative leadership mentor to folks who care for the earth and their communities & organizations.  

A passionate poet and published author, Allie shares presencing practices widely with beloved friends and colleagues. 

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Denise Cunha Sobrinho


Denise has 30 years of experience in journalism, broadcast television, and digital media, having worked as a field reporter, producer, editor in chief, bureau chief, managing editor, documentary director, and project manager for Brazilian largest TV Network. Brazilian and International Film Festivals showcased my prize-winning documentaries. Working with an extensive team of partners and coworkers in a fast-paced environment under tight deadlines taught me self-control and resilience. On the last 7 years I have also specialized in Visual Facilitation and Generative Scribing, as a mean to promote self-awareness, social-focused leadership and entrepreneurhip.

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