Program 2019*

* the flow might slightly change within the the next weeks of co-creation

The Flow through the Days in 2019
Thursday, 26th of September 

noon/12:00 am (West European Time (WET))

- from noon onward: arrival, putting up tents, ...


  • 3:00 pm: registration is open

  • 5:00 pm: fluid informal come together with snacks & drinks

  • 6:00 pm: welcome session

    • greeting and introduction

    • organisational framework incl. community work    


  • 7:00 pm: dinner

  • 8:30 pm: sensing the field of Quinta Ten Chi

  • 8:45 pm: evening session: “see and be seen”  

Friday, 27th of September 


  • all gathering together in SPT basic practice (stillness, 20 minute dance, village)

  • Open field
    Finding interests and needs arising, creating thematic clusters (groups) for the day, co-creating the procedure; listening to our bodies 

Lunch and work*


  • continuation of the clusters 

  • maybe interaction, or what else comes up.

  • Before dinner: collective harvesting session 

Dinner and work*


  • Global Village for Earth’s Body
    8:00 - 9:30 pm
     (Europe/Lisbon UTC +00:00)
    Invitation to SPT practitioners from all over the world to embody with us the urgency to act with curiosity, compassion and courage for our planet. If cannot be on the ground at Quinta Ten Chi we invite you to connect via Zoom:

  • Digestion round
    Short meditation. Then all are invited to share flashlights (words, gestures, …) of experiences of the day.

Saturday, 28th of September


  • all gathering together in SPT basic practice 

  • Open field
    Finding interests and needs arising, creating clusters (groups) for the day, co-creating the procedure
    Whoever wants will focus on the program for the afternoon part „inviting the local community“, what do we want to offer?

Lunch and work*

Early afternoon

  • Preparing the program and what else is needed for the invitation in the late afternoon

Late afternoon

  • Welcoming the local people 

  • Program all together


  • Dinner all together

  • Digestion round
    All are invited to share the experiences of the extended field in the afternoon. Also questions and suggestions are welcome


Sunday, 29th of September


  • all gathering together SPT basic practice

  • Digesting, Storytelling, Goodbyes.


  • Lunch together

  • Cleaning up


Waving goodbye, may all have a safe journey home!!

*community / house tasks such as preparing coffee-breaks, setting tables, cleaning up, washing up, helping out, etc.

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