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BA-MA learning village (online)

BA-MA learning village (online)

Uri Noy Meir

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Language(s): English

27. August 2023 um 17:30 – 28. August 2023 um 19:00 MESZ

BA-MA learning village (online)

Language: English


How can work teams utilize theatre-based facilitation for group inquiry and collective exploration that prioritize employee well-being and support? It is well known that burnout has many reasons, with the particular contribution of a toxic workplace environment to the sense of collective well-being (or not-being). Together we will use theatre-based facilitation to address burnout caused by toxic work relationships, lack of clear group narrative, and the general feeling of 'doing too much with too little.' The Ba-Ma learning village is designed to provide effective tools for professionals working in teams and workplaces to address burnout. Join us for an immersive training experience and be part of a select group of pioneers iterating an innovative model to examine the root of burnout. We will develop strategies for creating more compassionate and supportive workplaces.

About Uri and Bama Maps

Bama Maps, is being established with a vision to reconnect the world through creative idea generation techniques inspired by nature and empowered by theatre. Our aims are to solve significant challenges for people, the planet, and the future by leveraging innovative approaches to connect self, others and nature.

We look forward to share with out upcoming learning village in Italy.

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