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BaMa Maps ~ Inbodied Dreaming (online)

BaMa Maps ~ Inbodied Dreaming (online)

Debora Barrientos, Uri Yitzchak Noy Meir

offered by:

Language(s): English, Italian, Hebrew

28. August 2022, 19:00–20:30 Uhr MESZ

BaMa Maps ~ Inbodied Dreaming (online)


Language: English/Italian/Hebrew



We would like to invite the global community to share dreams and intentions towards creating a new platform and app for researching and cultivating wellbeing through embodied practices in and with nature.

About the host:

As well intentioned founders of BAMA MAPS we care about collective well- being. As facilitators of social transformation, we wish to connect to those around the world that work to increase well-being across the globe.

We practitioners of social arts witness and sense that facilitated spaces of generative listening, conscious use of technology, mindfulness in nature and creative arts practices increase well-being and sense of connection with nature.

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