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Lynda Sing

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Language(s): English

25. August 2023, 19:00–20:30 Uhr MESZ


Language: English


Discover deeper more nuanced embodied awareness and connection through circular movement.  GYROKINESIS® is a unique multi-planar movement method where you do a series of movements similar to a blend of yoga, pilates, tai chi, and dance but utilizes circular and wave-like flowing movement sequences to free the back (spine) and hips. A class feels and looks like a circular yoga dance practice. The benefits of the practice include increased range of motion, opening energy pathways, improved functional strength and flexibility, better coordination, alleviating tension and increasing vital energy. This practice is done standing, sitting, and a mat, to support your experience of feeling more nuanced connection and freedom in your body/mind. Come away feeling like your whole body is freely moving as one and like you've received a full body massage from the inside out.

I hope to be doing a hybrid session (online and in-person) - with some participants live with me in the space. Thank you for considering. I'm grateful for this opportunity to share this unique practice!

About Lynda

Deep embodied and awareness work has been at the heart of Lynda's experiences as a creative/performing, teaching, and healing artist. Inspired by art and nature she seeks to weave these elements of aesthetics and beauty into the practices she leads.  With warmth and open heartedness, she supports individuals and groups to explore their own embodied experience with nuanced curiosity and compassionate connection. A GYROKINESIS® trainer, yoga, and prenatal yoga teacher based in Canada, Lynda is grateful for every opportunity to share, learn, grow, and discover together.

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