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Movalogue Alfter, Germany (2023)

Movalogue Alfter, Germany (2023)

Dirk Bräuninger, Petra Borgmann Durrie

offered by:

Alanus Werkhaus

25. August 2023 um 09:00 – 27. August 2023 um 18:00 MESZ

Movalogue Alfter, Germany (2023)


Language: English, (German)



We are excited to return to the inspiring Alanus Campus, where we gathered for the first Movalogue in 2018. The Antroposophical College of Arts and Business is a creative, as well as scenic, beautiful place where transformation and change have a home. An ideal place to practice Social Presencing Theater indoors or outdoors if the weather is nice.

In good tradition, the exact program around the practice of Social Presencing Theater will be developed to a large extent on site based on the participation of the participants. We will focus on all elements of SPT practice (20 minute dance, village, stuck, 4D mapping, field dance). The morning will follow a mindful routine (silence, 20 minutes dance, village). In the afternoon and evening we will create space for ideas from the group and connect online with the international community of Movalogue participants. In doing so, we can be inspired by the creative environment of the Alanus Campus with lots of nature, art and openness.

Who can participate:

Anyone who has a desire and curiosity for a journey of discovery with themselves and the social field with others, and who would like to practice or even learn the methods of Social Presencing Theater. We are especially addressing SPT practitioners from close by European countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, France, UK and Germany to strengthen the cross-border international community.

Organizational key data

Date : Friday, 25. August to Sunday, 27 August

Location : Alanus University Alfter - located between Cologne and Bonn.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

In the guest house on campus there is a contingent of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms incl. breakfast) available, which can also be occupied together see also

For meals, the Alanus canteen and/or the attached café can be used

Conscious Investment:

Movalogue trusts human kindness and believes in the joy of giving. Money is conceived as a vehicle for sharing  inner abundance. We offer 5 ticket options to encourage participation and facilitate reciprocity:

  1. Open Mind – contribution: 275 € to express your curiosity to explore something fresh.
  2. Open Heart – contribution: 325 € to express your compassion and let your heart shine.
  3. Open Will – contribution: 375 € to express your courage to create sustainable impact.
  4. Love in Action -  contribution: 50 € + nourish the event with your abundance in personal abilities (translation, technological support, take care of the space, scribing, etc.), or take practical actions to nurture your environment (plant a tree, help out in your neighborhood, etc.) Please share your experience with us on social media.
  5. Overflowing Abundance – contribute with the desired amount for Movalogue to thrive. You will be able to use this ticket even after the event for voluntary donation.

Your heart´s generosity is deeply appreciated

At a glance

  • Date: Friday 25.8. (start 9:00 am) to Sunday, 27.8. (18:00)
  • Those who would like to help with the preparation can also arrive already on Thursday evening from 6 pm. We will start with a common dinner, get to know each other, exchange first ideas and prepare the room for the next day.
  • Location : Alanus University Alfter - located between Cologne and Bonn.
  • min. 6, max. 28 participants
  • Program start: Fri , Sat and Sun at 9am; optional evening sessions
  • participation fee from 50 to 375 € (accommodation and meals not included)
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