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Movalogue Sintra, Portugal

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal

Rita Venturini, Sandra Euringer, Debora Barrientos

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Being nature’s dance

27. August 2020 um 16:00 – 30. August 2020 um 14:00 WESZ

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal

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SPT Movalogue 2020, August 27th 17.00 h to August 30th 17.00 h

- Being nature’s dance - 

Deepening the transformation we have prepared for

  • Stillness in movement  –

Allowing the most beautiful world in our hearts to emerge

Movalogue 2020 is about practising Social Presencing Theatre to make the invisible visible. This year has been disruptive and overwhelming, and many of us had to face our shadows, find new resources to cope with anxiety and fear, and get in touch with our inner essence. We learned a lot about ourselves and would like to create a space to experience ways to transform our world in line with what we love.

Our intention is to do this in a co-creative way by deepening our SPT practices and creating connections within our global practitioners’ community to see and feel what is currently emerging. To support this process we are inviting a connection with nature, so that our inner nature can find inspiration and alignment. Our venue, Quinta Ten Chi, is a magical forest in which we can sense ourselves deeply and joyfully.

Practically what does this mean?

  • Practicing and facilitating the SPT exercises
  • Exchanging applications of SPT in different contexts
  • Adapting the SPT practices to specific contexts described above

A special focus will be put on our connection with nature and the elements. By entering a state of stillness and allowing the movement to find its own way back into nature’s dance with life we become witnesses of who we are and what is wanting to be born.

Movalogue 2020 as a safe and structured container

  • A plenary morning ritual with stillness and the basic practices of 20 minutes Dance and Village
  • A plenary evening session of shared, embodied storytelling and reflections about the experiences of the day and what we want to share with our global community
  • Many exciting SPT practices in Nature and not - in between the morning and evening rituals

Movalogue as a shared social experience – a global interconnection of our generative field

Inner essence

We will focus on four areas to inform the generative field

· our shadow sides

· our internal and external forces

· our resources

· our essence

Outer reality

Movalogue is a participatory event in which we all take care of the wellbeing of the community. Our shared dance will include taking care of our community and space by preparing coffee-breaks, setting tables, cleaning up, washing up, helping out, etc.


50 Euros registration fee

30 Euros camping - with hot showers - bring your tents and camping gear!

80 Euros vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) made with love with vegan options

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