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Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2021)

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2021)

Rita Venturini, Debora Barrientos, Anna Maggi, Antje Schwarze, Anne-Sophie Dubanton

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Being nature’s dance

26. August 2021 um 16:00 – 29. August 2021 um 20:00 WESZ

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2021)

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Being Nature

A journey with HeArt

We invite you to join us at Quinta Ten Chi for 4 days of Social Presencing Theater, Community, Social Arts and Nature.

We will remember together our being Nature, the Nature expressed by the body of humans, the Nature that creates new forms and thoughts at every corner, the Nature of deep love and connection that created the poetry of our many languages, intricate and diverse sounds shaped by the different landscapes in which they were born and depending on prolonged intimacy to emerge. The Nature of humanity, its interconnectedness with the breathing, living Gaia and its unique contribution.

We will explore what is before or underneath language: the expression of our forms and our ability to modify them, the dance of our bodies and the infinite combinations allowed by the shape of our joints, bones, muscles, the magic of our hands and their ability to create shapes and images that transcend the laws of Nature itself. We will also play with connecting with different parts of Nature, plants, elements and other animals.

We are part of the Movalogue, a yearly event of Social Presencing Practitioners worldwide.

The Motto this year Dancing with Earth and its underlying question of How to create nourishing communities?

During the days in Sintra we will connect with the global community which is gathering in other parts of the world face-to-face or online sessions. The unifying core will be a daily 2-3 hour global online meeting where all participants, whether attending in person or virtually, will have the opportunity to connect, practice together, and share what they have learned. The flow of this core program will look like the following:

 Movalogue Sintra, Portugal 

Being Nature

A journey with HeArt

26. August 2021, 15:00 – 29. August 2020, 18:00 WESZ

Quinta Ten-Chi, R. Moinho do Gato, 2710-650 Sintra, Portugal

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The venue:

Our venue, Quinta Ten Chi, is surrounded by a magical forest in which we can sense ourselves deeply and joyfully.

Practically what does this mean?

  • Practicing Social Presencing Theater (SPT) exercises
  • Adapting the SPT practices to feeling and sensing into being Nature in different forms (the ocean and elements, plants…)
  • We will draw, paint, sculpt, generally create with different materials

A special focus will be put on our connection with nature and the elements. By entering a state of stillness and allowing the movement to find its own way back into nature’s dance with life we become witnesses of who we are and what is wanting to be born.

Movalogue 2021 as a safe and structured container

  • A plenary morning ritual with stillness and the basic practices of 20 minutes Dance and Village
  • Many exciting SPT practices in Nature and not - in between the morning and evening rituals

Movalogue as a shared social experience – a global interconnection of our generative field

Movalogue is a participatory event in which we all take care of the wellbeing of the community. Our shared dance will include taking care of our community and space by preparing coffee-breaks, setting tables, cleaning up, washing up, helping out, etc.


To allow all to join, we are happy to offer 3 possible fees that can meet your aspirations : 

  • 250 Euros Supporting fee
  • 200 Euros Standard fee
  • 150 Euros Supported fee

These fees include the workshop and breakfast, lunch & diner, it doesn’t include housing.

Staying at Ten Chi

For those who want to stay at Ten Chi, there are possibilities to :

  • to have a bed in a shared bedroom - 45€/ 3 nights
  • to camp on site - 30€ / 3 nights

Other places to stay. You can find here a list of possible places to stay nearby.

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