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Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2022)

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2022)

Rita Venturini, Débora Barrientos

offered by:

Quinta Ten Chi

25. August 2022 um 15:00 – 28. August 2022 um 17:30 WESZ

Movalogue Sintra, Portugal (2022)


Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian



Allowing the Dance of Polarities

We will play with the canvas of the beautiful nature of Quinta Ten Chi – co-creating many collective micro-actions to allow the dance of polarities to become present in the field, bringing the wisdom of cycles, and the multitude existing in Oneness.  We will be brushes dipped in paint, revealing the texture of the human tapestry of the moment.  We will play softly with ourselves and each other.  Allowing time for long MA, interval, gaps, moments when the body settles, sensitivity grows and we feel fully alive and embedded in the movement of life and death.

Quinta Ten Chi is a place dedicated to create a community of practices to listen to the wisdom of the body and to bring forth a transformation of humanity toward harmony, cooperation and peace. It is a commitment to a journey from Ego to Eco awareness.

It is a Nature oasis, nested in the surrounding of the magical town of Sintra, and at 40 minutes from Lisbon Airport.

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