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Movalogue Verona, Italy

Movalogue Verona, Italy


offered by:


27. August 2020 um 16:00 – 30. August 2020 um 18:00 MESZ

Movalogue Verona, Italy

Contact: email: / phone: +39 3356004016

Language: We foresee Italian as main language

Available: English, French, German (depending on participants)


  • an old stone home whose first registering date back to 1817 but seemingly much older than that
  • Three floors full of story not only in the building in itself but by the family living there for more than 40 years
  • The surroundings land 17.000 sqm:
  • An olive grove with 130 olive trees, the most of them older than 3-400 years
  • Some small wood, half wild
  • Some meadows

Living there those days:

  • Up to 6-8 persons at home, some camping can be done too!
  • Food prepared sharing duties
  • Bread prepared daily  and cocked in wood oven
  • Available spaces for exercises
  • A 80 sqm brick floor front home
  • then a small meadow
  • A hall of about 50 sqm
  • A meditation room of 25 sqm
  • hilly land and olive grove
  • A clump of cypresses near home

The Idea:

We get three days with just for us as persons. It can be a sort of reset: nothing of our activities and believing will be brought inside. We get in search of a real not knowing state to have a sort of reset of our thoughts in order to clean our minds and have a more clear feeling of who we are as persons, independently from the result we want to have as persons in our normal life

Motto: “more clear feeling of who we are as persons”

We'll have a great touch with a human soft managed landscape and land (some surroundings have anyway industrialized viticulture, but that can teach also)

the landscape has really natural corners

The clump of cypresses can give shadow and freshness in very hot summer afternoons

The meadow in front of the home permits to rest and meditate

We can have one outing in Lessinia that has a story of pride freedom and toughness that can be seen everywhere


We welcome contributions

  • for the food
  • For the staying
  • For organization/materials
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