North American SPT Happy Hour 1 - Mimosas and Movement (online)

North American SPT Happy Hour 1 - Mimosas and Movement (online)

26. August 2022, 11:30–13:30 Uhr GMT-4

Rie Algeo Gilsdorf, Shannon Stoll Rabas, Chensun Mills, Judy Voruz

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North American SPT Happy Hour 1 - Mimosas and Movement (online)

Language(s): English

North American SPT Happy Hour - Mimosas and Movement

Language: English


Come and enjoy a virtual mimosa with fellow SPT practitioners as we move and explore what it means to be an SPT practitioner in North America. 

 The energy is shifting around SPT in North America - what is emerging?

  • Who is in our North American SPT Village?
  • What is our SPT identity in North America?
  • How do we connect and support each other?
  • How do we (leverage/ step into/ own) our diversity and create an identity?

Like a happy hour at a conference this is meant to be a fun and light exploration. Dress comfortably as we’ll explore using SPT and other embodied practices.  Looking forward to learning with you!

Please register to the Movalogue Global Program to access the session.


Rie Algeo Gilsdorf and Shannon Stoll Rabas are SPT practitioners who have been facilitating SPT and other group processes online since before the pandemic. We have felt the surprising connections that are palpable over a virtual connection that's well facilitated. We are committed to holding space that supports everyone's participation and contribution, to deep listening to the personal body, social body and earth body, and to watching for whatever emerges. We both live in the US Midwest - Rie in Minneapolis, MN and Shannon in Appleton, WI. And, we're both curious about who else is in our North American village!