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Social Presencing Theater - Introduction (online)

Social Presencing Theater - Introduction (online)

Jennifer Cheng

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Language(s): English

26. August 2022, 19:00–20:30 Uhr GMT+8

Social Presencing Theater - Introduction (online)

Social Presencing Theater - Introduction

Language: English

"Social Presencing Theater invites us to tap into our natural creativity and ability to fully embody the “performance” of being human. My intention with this work is to offer movement practices that support people in recognizing their own and others’ embodied wisdom, compassion and courage to act."

Arawana Hayashi, Social Presencing Theater: The Art of Making a True Move.

Social Presencing Theater is a social art form which enables us to experience the beauty of the ordinary, to let go of patterns of the past and allow the creativity within to propel the change of the social system with collective wisdom.

Within the 75-min of Zoom session, we will explore how the wisdom of the body can inspire us for a next step in a situation we feel stuck. We will also experience the dance between movement and stillness in a social field.

SPT practices are both embodiment and dialogue, where the stream of co-creation flows and nourishes the garden of Movalogue.

To be able to participate in this session you need to be registered for the Movalogue 2022, Global Online Sessions. 

There you will receive the choice to sign-up to join this session.

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