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Stones as healers, stones as teachers (online)

Stones as healers, stones as teachers (online)

David Burman

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Language(s): English

25. August 2023, 11:30–13:00 Uhr GMT-4

Stones as healers, stones as teachers (online)

Language: English


When we lie down on the ground and feel the living Earth beneath us, we might get a powerful feeling of being supported, held, welcomed, accepted. In other words we feel within our deepest self a relationship connection with the Earth, realizing that we are not separate, but expressions of the Earth, along with all other life forms - all our relatives.

But when we are not in a position to lie on the ground - either because we can't find a comfortable, flat spot to support us, or because we are indoors, stones, literally part of the Earth body, can remind us of our symbiotic relationship.

It is said that stones/ rocks are the bones of Mother Earth, and indeed the minerals that make up the rocks are the same minerals that make up our human bones. Many Indigenous cultures go further and say that stones have a spirit, that they are animate (although on a very different time scale than ours).

So, for this session, I invite you to bring a stone that fits comfortably in your hand. And to deepen our sense of relationship, we can ask the stone for permission to participate in this practice. Let's see how these beings, who are the very embodiment of stillness, might affect our inner state with authentic movement.

What can stones teach us? How can silently asking a stone (or the land, river bank or space from where it calls to us) for permission change the story of our relationship to the Earth and all beings?

Through the seemingly simple practice of awareness we are transforming our human relationship with ourselves, each other, the Earth and all life.

About David

For many years I have been learning the wisdom and power of Indigenous teachings about our relationship to the land and all beings as kin. In my involvement with Movalogue and SPT in Nature (or not) I have been introducing the concept of the social body to incorporate all beings, all life, including the seen and unseen, as we are all expressions of the Earth body.

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