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Village of Dreams (Online)

Village of Dreams (Online)

Juan Marcos Aguirre (facilitator), Andrea Fernández (scribing and translation), Patricia Scott (translation)

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Language(s): English, Spanish

27. August 2022, 07:00–08:45 Uhr GMT-4

Village of Dreams (Online)

Village of Dreams

Language: spanish and english


To offer a deep listening space to connect with the deeper aspects of our collective body and soul.


"Sometimes the dream we have is not for us. It is maybe a message we need to pass on, we are the vessel for that wisdom. It's for others, for the community, for the future." William Morin. For people who live close to the earth, dreaming is a way to communicate with the earth and all that shares life on it. Everything is alive. Everything will speak to you — and speak through you — if you will pay attention. Dreaming is not only about what goes on at night; it is also about being attuned, at every turning, to the speaking land. Participants who shared the 2021 experience said: "Listening and sharing dreams gave us relief, lightness, tranquility", "We have a great need to restore these spaces of openness and deep listening to the messages of the collective Soul of which we are all part".


Grounding and welcome - Arriving in our bodies, sharing a Big Welcome

First part: Conceptual Background: Social Dream work as a tool for sensing the Unknown Collective Field

Second part: Practice of sharing Dreams and free asociations

Third Part: Harvesting and share Scribing: Voices from the Unknown deep collective field: what I saw, what I felt, what I shared

Closing: participants close with one word or gesture


Free (we kindly invite you to fill in the Love in Action form

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