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What's behind money? (online)

What's behind money? (online)

Yasmim Leite

offered by:

Language(s): English

28. August 2022, 08:00–09:30 Uhr GMT-3

What's behind money? (online)

Language: English

What is it? 

Let's observe different layers that are behind the topic of money.

An opportunity to dive into an uncommon topic in a comfortable and safe place to welcome every single feeling as well as questions that come up from within.  

How does it work? 

There will be mixed moments of a group talk and guided meditation.  

What is needed to join it?

  1. Do your registration to the Movalogue and receive access to this specific session
  2. If it's possible it would be better to have a comfortable and silent place to sit, water to drink, paper and pen to take notes
  3. Conscious payment, as you feel before or after the meeting: 
  • a) you choose how much - at least 1 Euro/Dollar - if you feel like you can make a financial contribution for your experience 
  • b) if you feel like you need financial support to be here, you can also ask for that. Just write to  and than you'll receive further directions to complete the process.
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