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Asia Movalogue Wordless Duet

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

First Saturday of January, in the first return gathering in 2023, Lakshminarayana guided us into heart meditation-resting in the heart, feeling to its rhythm and vitality, connecting to our beings. Just being in the heart space and sensing into the conflicts and oppositions within, nature currents of warmth started to circulate and transform the tension of contradicting forces within. A harmonic flow felt in the chest, then stated to circulate in the whole body. A sense of confidence rised up. We then practiced a short version of Village and sensed into the quality of our social body.

We came to explore the family space with Duet, a practice of dance in pair, where each taking turn in offering movement phrases with Ma in between.

The practice was added in some experimental structure. The Duet conversation was framed within the family space. The perception was structured within certain framework for us to experience our communication with our family. With the awareness and the wordless movements, the experience refreshed our views replenished our heart and washed off some emotions. When the words and verbal patterns were in void, there were more open space and clarity coming to us. And the capacity of the heart increased and more details revealed. Somehow this expanded the heart space to hold up the grossness and subtlety at the same time with less fear.

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Dirk Bräuninger
Dirk Bräuninger
Feb 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for sharing your rich experience during this Asia movalogue session. Love to see new Movalogue seedlings spreading.

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