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Coming home

Another exiting year - challenging and nourishing at the same time - is coming to its end and we welcome you to step in, to join us in our final Movalogue open call of 2022.

In service to the recognition of our love of deep and moving connectivity, we would like to close this year's cycle by coming home to a moment of being contained by each others’ presence in silence, simplicity and belonging while further waving connections and dancing with emergence.

Allie Middleton's words beautifully reflect the quality of space we are inviting into.


Love's bold container

In service to connections

love's bold and fluid container

creates a family of such potential

landing amidst the portals

anchoring golden threads

releasing our warmth

as hearts listen

Filled with sweet

morsels of loving kindness

Trust and humor emerge

and gales of laughter

broadcast a new appreciation

Order and disorder

shape a new aliveness

As space for spirit is redeemed.


You are very welcome to join on Tuesday, November 15 at 4pm CET/ 10 am EST/ 7 am PST/ 11 pm CST/ 8:30 pm IST. To receive the zoom link please press below button and register.

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

Your Movalogue Firekeepers


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