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Every word has a body

Month after month, we explore the many layers of movement and dialogue in our Open Movalogue Calls. During the 35 or so Zoom meetings since 2019, a fluid agenda has been established step by step, balancing mind, heart and will. The flow comes along with specific qualities of open presence like safety, authenticity, trust, heart- and playfulness, creativity and listening to the edges. Starting with a check-in to create a good collective rapport and give new people a chance to be seen followed by some grounding and stillness, we collectively hold space - like an empty canvas - to let a specific topic emerge out of our collective being present. It shapes its form based on a our capacity to listen, let diverse voices been heard and curiously sense into resonance and also dissonance. What do we see, feel and notice?

The process trains our capacity to let go (of habits and ego-centric knowing) and let come of fresh inspiration and collective wisdom. We learn to embrace a multi-regional participation which lets us notice the diversity of perspectives and at the same time makes an unifying human connection and goodness visible.

When it sometimes happens that our dialogue becomes too heady, mostly coming along with a felt tension in our bodies, luckily there is a voice of a courageous participant asking us to return to the wholeness of our bodies with some SPT inspired practices. Thus founded, we enter into various ways of tender, vulnerable and at the same time playful embodied dialogue. Again and again we are surprised by the wisdom that is revealed through this embodied practices. Not only do they nourish our minds and hearts, but at the same time they bring an inspiring, connecting energy that stays with us in our everyday lives.

Putting into words the depth of what happens often feels inadequate, a bit like destroying the wholeness of experience and reducing it to mind patterns. Haiku's (little 3-4 line poems) and drawings seem to be a better way to express the creativity of the collective inner wisdom that is showing up and often doesn't follow linear cognitive logic. The quality of emergent wisdom can be described as being surprising, non-linear and spontaneous coming along with specific heart-felt sensations like i.e. goose bumps, showers of energy or a simple silent experience of knowing.

Noticing and following words becomes much richer in this way. It is not just about meaning (mind), but also about the resonance words and speech creates in our bodies. How does it feel when listening? What energies are emerging? In our last session we explored the word 'commitment' and its multiple impacts in our individual and collective awareness. What does 'commitment' meant to us? What body sensations are coming along with it?

In this way words become decolonized from reducing them to its meaning and function in mind. Every word has a specific sound and frequency . It creates different waves of resonance and can be recognized as an own being, that lives between us.

Every word has its own body.

Curious about practically experiencing the enriching abundance of embodied dialog?

Join our next Open Movalogue call on Tuesday, April 18 at 4pm CET (Europe) / 10am EST (US East Coast)/ 10 pm CST(China)/ 7:30pm IST (India). To receive the zoom link please press below button and register.

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

Your Movalogue Firekeepers

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