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Going back to 'normal' isn't an option

Dear community of SPT practitioners,

'Why do we collectively create results that nobody wants?' has been one of Otto Scharmer's wake up questions when starting the global U.Lab initiative in 2015. Most of us were facing it when getting in contact with the Theory U , which is an inseparable root of Social Presencing Theater. The question points to us as individuals and groups feeling faint in a self-perpetuating economical and social system, that isn't serving the needs of its inhabitants and the containing environment, 'Mother Earth', anymore.

But all of a sudden a little invisible virus interrupts the seemingly unalterable flow of this system and sets it on hold. A window of opportunity has opened,like a big MA, a time and space to deeper sense what is really important to us and where something radical new is able to emerge and brought to operation.

This new situation undoubtedly had and has an influence on the further design of the Movalogue 2020 and creates new questions and initiatives:

  • How can we as a community of SPT practitioners hold each other and be in service to the whole?

  • How could the inner knowledge of our bodies support us during this time of emergence?

  • What practical impact has the current situation (i.e travel restrictions) and what conclusions become already visible?

  • How can we stay globally connected and generate substantial local impact?

During our second Open Movalogue in 2020 call on April 14th, we would like to sense into the above questions and also offer some time to jointly practice SPT.

We warmly invite everybody with an interest to be part of a self-organizing participatory community of SPT practitioners.

Further calls will take place every second Tuesday of the month on Zoom, from 19:30-21:00 h (CET) (April 14th, May 12th, June 9th, July 14th and August 11th)

Due to security reasons we would kindly ask you to register by leaving your full name and email address. You will then receive the access data to join the calls:

We are looking very much forward to meeting you!


Dirk, Rita, Katherina, Dheera, Sebastian, Johanna

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