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Movalogue 2020 on its last mile

After months of joyful co-creation the Movalogue 2020 is falling into its shape.

In edition 7 of our monthly Open Movalogue Calls we will be happy to share what emerged during the last period of time. And that was a lot, recognizing that the event started in pre-COVID-19 times with a one-location-approach and developed into a hybrid online-offline program by globally weaving different communities together. Up till now participants from 18 countries have registered and hopefully more to come.

If you are curious about this year's motto

Go With What You Love

and interested to know more about the evolving program and the very diverse possibilities to participate you are warmly invited to join our next Open Movalogue call on August 11, which also will be the last one before the Movalogue will take place.

Different than the calls before we will already meet from 16:30-18:00 pm (CET) or Lisbon: 15:30, New York: 10:30, Los Angeles: 07:30, New Delhi: 20:00, Taipei: 22:30, Buenos Aires: 11:30.

In the case that you haven't already done so, please register to join the call by filling a little form. You will then receive the zoom access data.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!


Dirk, Rita, Katherina, Dheera, Sebastian, Johanna

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