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Movalogue 2021 is coming closer

The count down is running. Just a few days to go and the Movalogue 2021 will open its doors.

We are again overwhelmed by the diversity of people being involved in this years co-creation. From Asia-Pacific through Europe, Latin America up to the US West Coast people registered and more importantly showed up in our Open Movalogue Zoom Calls to participate in the creation of this year's program.

Listening to a all the voices and opening up for their living creativity brought us to process of co-hosting the event from different places. The program will start on day 1 at its roots at Alanus in Germany, proceed on day 2 in a global co-hosting with a center in Quinta Ten Chi, Portugal and end on Sunday with a flow created by the Latin-American community. All elements of the 3-day program will be simultaneously available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese & probably Mandarin) to enable us to connect in a Moving Dialogue.

"This years Movalogue will be an global experiment of co-creation in diversity"

So far not all details are fully settled, which challenges the organizing team in staying in curiosity with the not-knowing, but also keeps some space for surprising gifts and flaws. Some of those gifts are the participation of Arawana Hayashi, who will open day 2 on Basic Goodness and the Earth and an indigenous watering ritual held by Tania Ávila Menesese as part of the harvesting session on day 3. Another highlight will be an co-facilitated, experimental, global 4D-Mapping as a core element of this year's program.

Please visit the front page of the website to see more details of the most current version of this years program, which might be further progressing.

And the good news is: If you are curious about this year's motto

Dancing With The Earth

and interested to join in the Global Online sessions or in one of the local sessions you still have the chance to participate. Please visit our event page to find what fits best for you.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

From Our Hearts

The Movalogue 2021 Organizing Team

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