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Movalogue 2022 is open for registration

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

visual by Geisa Paganini De Mio

We are excited and happy to announce that the Movalogue 2022 is open for registration. Although the full program is still in the process of emergence we are glad to now being able to offer the opportunity to register for the Global Online Program or local Movalogue events.

According to this year's motto

Embracing The Unknown

we invite to practice, connect and share and jointly sense into the leading question

How can we spread and nourish sustainable seeds of potential?

words by Allie Middleton, videos by Denise Sob o Sol

(See video in other languages: spanish, portuguese, chinese, japanese, german)

What can you do now?

  1. You love to participate in a local in-person Movalogue? Visit the Movalogue places webpage and have a look whether there is a local Movalogue in your area and get in contact or register. Currently you are able to participate in Portugal, Austria and Germany.

  2. You love to participate in the Global Online Program? Visit the Movalogue online webpage and register according to your preferred language (english, spanish, portugese).

  3. You love to host a local Movalogue in your area? Formally apply by providing some basic information via this form. We will be glad to support your initiative.

  4. You love to facilitate/ co-create an online session before or after the daily main program? Formally apply by providing some basic information what your session will be about via this form. We will then follow up with you.

This years program will further follow an approach to become a global space to meet and connect in diversity. The main online program will be held in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and we will practice with the universal language of our bodies and co-create new rituals to unfold basic human goodness.

Due to the participatory dynamic approach we kindly ask you to keep yourself updated about the development of the agenda by visiting or subscribing to our website at

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

With love,

Your Movalogue Firekeeper Team


Please feel heartily invited to join our monthly Open Movalogue calls, which will happen every third Tuesday a month. To receive the zoom information follow the below button.

Looking forward to further co-cultivating a social field of heart with you.

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