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Our May Open Movalogue call was an invitation to dive deeply into Silence, into Presence, into MA… The simple act of listening to each other as we checked into our joint practice space was healing, soothing, and nurturing. We expanded our heart space after rooting deeply into Gaia and Spirit

Two journaling questions set the stage for further silent exploration:

  1. How do we remain present in our every day lives?

  2. What triggers us into absence?

The following 20 minute Dance was an invitation to become more aware of our embodied presence and expression…to notice how MA lovingly embraced the alternating between movement and stillness…

Sharing our perceptions in silence (in the chat) revealed the qualities of the social field we were cultivating together:

-For me it was like a "heartdance", more and more connected with all humans in this call

-Trusting guidance and connection

-Grounding, anchoring in the body, connecting to Gaia

-Thank you finding a center in hard place

-Something is getting to my kidneys/ to me

-Tapping into some kind of life source

-Where does the impulse to movement come from?

-Listening the heaviness and allowing what is there to unfold. Thank you

-Something with my heart and my love.

-The Body felt calmed down, regionalized stillness and freshness. Lightning spread to my body

-My body not wanting to leave the connection to the Earth body - very heavy moving to upright posture

-Being present to the stiff parts of my body, pausing, easing into my body, thoughts pass and I am left with a space of inquiry, possibility

-Toes bent toward earth, knees too, spine curling over heart, closer to legs…wrists and hands caressing, curious….……something bouyant here?…bouncing back to life…

-Gesture: “heart lifted”

-An awareness that sometimes an “offering” can be as simple as how I/we show up and walk in the world

-Feeling of giving and receiving in heart space... organic/genuine (not forced)… permeability… sacred reciprocity

-I noticed deep relaxation, love and peace, some pain in my right shoulder, some pain in my heart. I got attracted by the light and the warmth of the sun, opening the window, now hearing a dog barking

-Mind relaxed and strong energy on my belly, movement and live.

We continued to sense into our social field in silence, together. Our intention was to try a simple innovation of the SPT Field Dance, and what emerged turned out to be more similar to the SPT Village practice.

We ended our practice with a generative conversation based on exploring the following questions:

  1. What made us stay in the field?

  2. What prevented us from being present in it?

The prevailing sense was that there were no boundaries, we were connected from the inside and the outside, flowing like a river.

Here´s more from the chat:

-Awareness of others' movement - feeling love and some need.

-Field was all around…not just here…I felt a lot of force in and out

-I felt a strong wave, getting through us. Connected from in and outside.

-I felt calmness in the field, and the movement of the wind in my space, which was part of the calmness

-The exercise reminded me of a Village

-River experience

-Beautiful river flow today

-Buoyancy, play, lift

Our joint practice space ended inviting us to further cultivate our awareness of the embracing generative MA space we always live in:

What is wanting to emerge through us in the social fields and social bodies we're all a part of in our daily lives?

words by Patricia Scott and Jennifer Cheng assembled from the Open Movalogue field

scribing by Geisa Paganini de Mio


The next Open Movalogue call will happen on June 20, 2023.

Your hosting duet will be Allie Middleton and Dirk Bräuninger.

To receive the zoom link please press below button and register.

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

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