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We Are The Elements

Updated: May 21, 2022

visual by Geisa Paganini de Mio

Sharing what happened during an Open Movalogue Call isn't easy. Finding a set of words to transmit the richness of experience is challenging, especially when it is playing in the field of the heart. What is asked to be expressed goes beyond rational analysis and linear description. It seems just art and poetry are able to catch the different dimensions of what emerged from the social field.

That's why we are full of gratitude towards amazing scribes and participants who are willing to bring their talents. Sharing what emerged through them is a constant inspiration and expression of abundance. The work of our 'resident' scribes Denise, Geisa and Petra and the poetic summaries of Allie make a huge difference and open the possibility to share at least a glimpse of what was present.

Tania Avila

In our May call Tania Avila from Bolivia invited us to a dance with the elements bringing to our awareness that all of them are a essential parts of our body and soul. She guided us into a direct innocent experience while letting go of judgments and concepts. Our bodies re-connected to air, water, fire and earth and we ended in sharing their presence in us between each other and throughout the world.

Allie Middleton found the following beautiful words about the kind-redness manner we collectively cultivated the soil of a shared heart space.


Attuning to the All and Everything

Coming from so many different perspectives, directions and experiences, we learn together how to engage from the heart, creating inspirational spaces and places …

I feel we are listening together

To the still invisible futures …

dissolving boundaries and establishing a sense of love and


a constant edge opening for Being …

bringing Being forward, we are all able to learn from, individually

and together.

Dancing with what is being embodied in our emerging spaces and places we share our deep cares and manifest a co-crystallized consciousness….

Restoring our capacities as Nature sings through us all.


Denise caught that precious ritual moment in her special way of video scribing.

video by Denise Sob o Sol

You'll find another rich visual created by Petra about our powerful becoming the elements at the end of this post.


Beside a continuous shaping of the 2022 intention and motto in our monthly calls we will soon - most probably end of June - share more detailed information about the various ways to join this year's gathering from August 26-28, which are listed below.

  • hosting a local in-person gathering or becoming member of a local hosting and facilitation team

  • facilitating a session as part of the global online program

  • supporting by scribing, translating, technically hosting

  • bringing in your presence as a participant

The Movalogue team will be glad to support your initiative.


If you are inspired to join the process of co-creation feel warmly invited to our next Open Movalogue Call on June 21 at 4 PM CET.

Looking forward to cultivating a social field of heart with you.

Your Movalogue Firekeepers

with great gratitude for all the beautiful people joining and co-creating such a diverse field of emergence

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