What are our bodies thirsting for?

Time flies and at the same time we face major challenges. Being online has grown exponentially. But local life is opening up again in small baby steps. How much are our bodies thirsting to meet and hug again?

Dear vibrant community of SPT practitioners,

Slowly step by step we are coming back into a world we were separated from for many weeks and most of us still are. We were forced to stay at home and face our vulnerability. Some had the privilege to re-connect to themselves and their family. Others suffer from the big burden of being alone or facing the loss of their job and existence. The earth body might silently smile because of the loss of pollution and animals re-entering former habitats.

Updating ourselves on what currently is required we sense that some of our question from our last Open Movalogue Call are still burning.

  • How can we as a community of SPT practitioners hold each other and be in service to the whole?

  • How could the inner knowledge of our bodies support in a time of emergence?

  • How can we strengthen global connection and generate local impact?

  • How can we practice locally in person and connect virtual as a global community during the time of our Movalogue in August 2020?

During our third Open Movalogue in 2020 call on May 12th, we would like to sense into the above questions and also offer some time to jointly practice SPT.

We warmly invite everybody with an interest to be part of a self-organizing participatory community of SPT practitioners.

Further calls will take place every second Tuesday of the month on Zoom, from 19:30-21:00 h (CET) (May 12th, June 9th, July 14th and August 11th)

Due to security reasons we would kindly ask you to register by filling a little registration form. You will then receive the access data to join the calls.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!


Dirk, Rita, Katherina, Dheera, Sebastian, Johanna

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