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What is Social Presencing Theater?

Social Presencing Theater (SPT) is a methodology developed by Arawana Hayashi in collaboration with Otto Scharmer at the Presencing Institute. The awareness practices involve movement, and empower participants to better understand reality and explore emerging future possibilities. The simple forms of movement help direct attention to existing patterns of experience, dissolve limiting concepts, communicate directly, access intuition and make leverage points for profound change visible.

The word theater comes from the Greek thea, which means “the act of seeing.” The word, theater, can be defined as a “place of enactment of significant events or actions.”

By sensing, thoughtfully reflecting and focusing on facts, practitioners get 100% in touch with their inner and outer reality. They learn to be fully present. In this relaxed state, blind spots become viewable. New ideas and possibilities can be visualized.

The first step is to bring such new ideas into being. It is a playful, nurturing and creative process. SPT can be practiced at the individual, group, organizational and larger social systems level. 

MOVALOGUE 2018 - Sensing Presencing Crystallizing

In 2018 Vasco Gaspar, Katharina Longariva, Johanna Gall, Dirk Bräuninger - all met in cohort 3 of the Advanced SPT program held by Arawana Hayashi - and Bob Feldmann (who came with the idea to join the words Movement and Dialogue to Movalogue), organized the first Social Presencing Theater meeting for practitioners of SPT in Germany. Their goal was deepen SPT practice in an inspiring place  and to deepen understanding of the different techniques and their possibilities. But also to strengthen the mutual exchange of thoughts and connection between SPT users and their networks. 

This first meeting from May 18 to 21, 2018, took place at the beautiful campus of Alanus Werkhaus in Alfter, Germany, which is known for its humanistic and innovative approaches to education. A place for art in the middle of nature. 24 participants from 6 countries took part. The three days in May were intense and full of new impressions and discoveries about the next individual and collective journeys, ideas and steps to be taken. The artist Sasa Nehus accompanied the gathering and created an artwork that reflected the activities. It was cut into pieces at the end and each participant could take a section of the whole as a memento.

Movalogue 2019 - With Curiosity, Compassion and Courage

In 2019, the second Movalogue, a European SPT community lab, took place at Quinta Ten Chi in Sintra, Portugal from September 26 to 29. A group of 30 practitioners from 7 countries joined energies to shape, facilitate and participate in the event. Drawing daily from curiosity, compassion and courage, they practiced together, exchanged experiences, explored new ways to apply SPT. They infused a daily Samu, a practice known from Zen Buddhism, where participants did community work in concentration and silence – one step at a time. To become aware of all senses. In the kitchen, the colors of the vegetables, the sizzling oil in the pan and the aromas in the air.

On the second evening, around 20 practitioners from all over the planet joined online for an inspiring Global Village Practice for Earth’s Body. At the end of the 3rd day, friends, locals and neighbors joined for an SPT taster (20’ Dance and Village) and a community dinner. On the last morning, the group sensed with a 4D Mapping into to the stuck and actionable areas of an NGO project around sustainable fishing and tourism on a small Portuguese island.

Movalogue 2020 - Go with What You Love

From 2020 onwards, throughout year, a group of former participants and other intested people - now called the fire keepers - started to meet in monthly Open Movalogue Calls keep the fire burning between the annual events and jointly sense into the emerging intention and co-create the yearly Movalogue motto. From September 28 to 30,  2020, more than 295 people from 30 countries registering for the offline and online program. 

Movalogue 2021 - Dancing with the Earth 

The 2021 motto ‘Dancing with the Earth’ intended to hold space for the light and shadow of being a human on this earth and to explore the question: 

How to cultivate communities that nourish the earth?

During the 3-day Movalogue event from August 28 to 30, 2021, again people from Asia, Europe South- and North America came together online and in person to connect, share and learn with each other, using their bodies as sensors and sources of natural wisdom. The online program was facilitated by co-hosts from different parts of the world.  It was the first time that the 3-day program was simultaneously available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin) to enable us to connect in a Moving Dialogue. This offered the possibility of dialog between very diverse communities from Taipeh city to indigenous people from South America.

One of the highlights was an online global session on the second day, in which we used the Presencing Institute tool 4D mapping. It is an excellent method to make the current state of a system and its inherent potential visible. We experimented with the tool. How does it work online? Is it possible for participants to sense which representative is needed? And will they spontaneously choose a representative and be willing to embody it? We were surprised that it worked and how much insights into the system we gained from the global community. The weak points and blind spots become visible, and we could hear the voices. The shift toward change happened through a first revelation of unconditional love.

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