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Movalogue 2021, Global Online Sessions (english)

Movalogue 2021, Global Online Sessions (english)

Movalogue Online Team

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27. August 2021 um 15:00 – 29. August 2021 um 17:00 MESZ

Movalogue 2021, Global Online Sessions (english)

Social Presencing Theater - Dancing with Earth - Creating Nourishing Communities

 About this event 

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese (synchronous translation)

Following an hybrid approach Movalogue 2021 will create space for local face-to-face sessions and global online sessions under one umbrella from August 27-29. The unifying core will be a daily global online meeting where all participants, whether attending in person or virtually, will have the opportunity to connect, practice Social Presencing Theater, and share what they have learned. The flow of this online program will look like the following:

Friday, August 27: Opening Session (Beginning) 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST

  • coming together, sensing the field, see and be seen
  • opening ritual

Saturday, August 28: Global Open Space (Middle) 3+ hours, 3-6 pm CEST/9-12 am EST

  • all together (1 h) coming together, joint stillness, introduction by Arawana Hayashi
  • global online 4D mapping (2 h) 
  • open space (open duration) with different offerings in parallel sessions . The open space will allow SPT practitioners to invite Movalogue participants into dedicated online sessions. The sessions should be based on SPT practices, but might contain experimental elements as well. The Movalogue would be your playground to enhance your online facilitation practice and/or prototype new ideas.

Sunday, August 29: Closing Session (Ending) 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST

  • harvesting and celebrating together
  • indigenous ritual  by Tânia Avila Meneses
  • movalogue dance

Following Movalogue's participatory approach there will be multiple ways for everyone to actively contribute to the event beside the above core flow.

The Movalogue 2021 is based on trust in human goodness and the joy of giving. Money is understood as a vehicle to share inner abundance.

To support the process of contribution we prepared 5 ticket options to participate:

  1. open mind - contribute 5 €
  2. open heart - contribute 10 €
  3. open will - contribute 15 €
  4. love in action - support the event with your personal abundance of skills (translation, tech hosting, visual recording, ...) or take practical action to nourish your environment (i.e. plant a tree, help in neighborhood, ...) & share your story with us
  5. full abundance - contribute any amount to flourish the Movalogue movement

Whatever comes from your heart is very well appreciated!

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