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Movalogue 2022, Global Online Sessions (english)

Movalogue 2022, Global Online Sessions (english)

Movalogue Online Team

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26. August 2022 um 15:00 – 28. August 2022 um 17:00 MESZ

Movalogue 2022, Global Online Sessions (english)

Social Presencing Theater - Embracing the Unknown - Nourishing Seeds of Potential

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese (simultaneous translation)

What is Movalogue?

Movalogue is an annual, global, hybrid three day gathering. Born in 2018, it deepens the practice of Social Presencing Theater (SPT) through movement and dialogue, inspiring the global SPT practice community to explore a common motto together through the expanded awareness of embodied Presence. Movalogue uses the Theory U framework: Co- Sensing, Presencing and Co- Creation. We share, enjoy and celebrate the flow of creative wisdom that naturally reveals the seeds of the emerging future.

Movalogue 2022 invites us to dive into this year´s motto: “Embracing the Unknown”. We'd love to have you on board!


How does it work?

During three days, Movalogue's flexible glocal holding space encourages practitioners to meet in global online calls and in local in person meetings. The unifying thread is a daily global online session where fellow practitioners from around the world connect and practice SPT together, sharing learnings and discoveries in a fun, loving atmosphere. The flow of this online program will look like the following:

"Every movement has a beginning, middle part and an ending", Arawana Hayashi

Friday, August 26: Beginning

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST
  • coming together, sensing the field, see and be seen
  • introductory words by Arawana Hayashi (founder of SPT)
  • opening ritual

Saturday, August 27: Middle Part

  • Global Practice (2 hrs: 3-5 pm CEST/9-11am EST)
  • Open Space (2 hrs: 6-8 pm CEST/12-14 pm EST). Offering of parallel sessions based on SPT. They include online facilitation practices that may use experimental elements and prototype new ideas

Sunday, August 28: Ending

  • 2 hours, 3-5 pm CEST/9-11 am EST
  • Creating space
  • Harvesting with social art
  • Movalogue dance

Following Movalogue's participatory approach there will be multiple ways for everyone to actively contribute to the event besides the above core flow. Due to the participatory dynamic approach we kindly ask you to keep yourself updated about the development of the agenda through our website at

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