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Movalogue Update

Dear Movaloguers,

We are happy to announce that we have already exceeded the number of 30 subscribers to our Movalogue website. Not knowing how much interest we would attract, this makes us feel like being on the right track.

When we created the idea of an international gathering in Europe in August we took the U-Process as a blueprint for how to let this event emerge. It started with a team of five and an inspiring place.

From now until the end of the year we would like to get a deeper sense of what participants are longing for and what they might like to bring to this event. For this we would like to collect your feedback on the question "What attracts you to be interested in the Movalogue?”. Are there any areas of interest or topics you would like to see during our gathering in May next year? Please let us know by commenting right below this blog post or reaching out to

As a next practical step we are looking forward to starting the official registration. Alanus is planning to have everything in place by the end of November.

So stay tuned and be in touch!

Your Movalogue Hosting Team

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