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Being Present in Everyday Life

Visual scribing created by Petra during our March Open Movalogue call

Movalogue is continuing being a global village of humans dancing with each other to express richness and diversity and making trans-continental connection a felt experience.

In our March Open Call we jointly sensed into the quality of our field while being loyal to our personal and collective body following the question:

What wants to be born through me to nourish Movalogue?

Below you can see what participants expressed visually:

The resulting artworks flowed into a collective moment of reflection on what emerged from the field, again creating a heartfelt global connectedness.

In our next Open Movalogue call we invite you to further dance with what is emerging from a global field of human beings.  

We are planning to step into little duets and explore our innate poetic knowing.

Please bring pencil and paper.

Come and join us on on Tuesday, 16th of April at 10am EST / 4pm CEST/ 10pm Singapure.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of Movalogue´s global family, so feel free to share this invitation!

With open hearts and boundless gratitude,

Movalogue Firekeepers

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