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Transitioning Humanity

In times of deep polarization and disruption, Movalogue´s Firekeeper team has been resonating with the following questions:

  • “How are we embodying a transitioning humanity?”

  • “How can Movalogue be in service of this transition?”

The following scribes may further reveal what´s moving through us…

What do we feel, see, perceive when sensing into them?

We´d love to listen to voices from the field and explore these questions together in our upcoming November Open Call. Social arts provide wonderful ways to naturally reveal our collective wisdom.

Come and join us at the next monthly Open Call on Tuesday 21th of November at 10am EST / 4pm CEST. Everyone is welcome to be a part of Movalogue´s global family, so feel free to share this invitation!

Please bring some pencils, colors, paper.

Your facilitators will be Pato and Denise.

With love & appreciation,

Movalogue Firekeepers

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