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Harvesting in the Now gifted Unexpected Fruits

Generative Scribing by Petra Borgmann Durrie

During our harvesting dance in our September Open Movalogue call we tapped into some basic qualities of the Movalogue, which can be summarized as:

Openness – Unplanned – Unexpected fruits.

We shared gestures that expressed what we harvest from Movalogue and received reflections of these gestures.

  • Connection: welcoming – balancing – spreading wings/feathers/testing wings- allowing and observing – lightness – expanding and shining

  • Tree trying to connect to the ocean: exploring new possibilities – the Tree of Life is whispering – dancing to the rhythm of life unfolding – tender dancing exploration – bodies know how to self regulate – growth doesn´t have straight lines

  • Breathing is enough: stillness expands the heart – being – presence of the heart – sitting on abundance – gratitude for life

  • Bringing all to the now: realizing that my heart could fly – purging and… - putting attention to what sits in the back, take time to bring it to the front and finally making it a gift – moment of instability in my feet that then became very grounded – support form the ancestors, gathering the strength

  • Gifted: being thankful – reaching out to the above – being open to grace – sparkling – grateful for abundance – refreshing, like a shower – receiving blessings

  • Bringing things to the heart: we´re all one in the heart – magic, being me – softness – being at home in my heart – soft embrace – tenderness

  • Facing away: different perspectives – sadness - slowly opening to new perspectives – resistance is futile – gentle stretch that allows for flexibility (being stretched like a rubber band) – dropping, letting go of some of the weight, relaxation

  • From above things look better: openness and trust – it's so easy to move – finding joy in constant movement – my heart is beating fast

Generative conversation: Presence – poetic quality in daily life – authenticity – genuinely expressing what is ripe in us – invitation top play and explore – fresh harvest: it´s sweeter when it's fresh – community presencing potluck – SPT in public spaces: natural SPT of children and adults in shopping center – sign in electric stairs: “Prepare to ascend” – Dragon dreaming for Movalogue?

Come and join us at the next monthly Open Call on Tuesday 17th October at 10am EST / 4pm CEST. Everyone is welcome to be a part of Movalogue´s global family!

In case you feel a longing to add your being and talent i.e. by facilitating a specific exercise, an embodied dialog or any other element of social art please feel heartfully invited to contact us at

With love & appreciation,

Movalogue Firekeepers

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