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In just 2 weeks from now...

... the 1st European Social Presencing Theater Movalogue will start at Alanus Werkhaus in Alfter, Germany.

On 1st of May, as part of the last mile preparation we held an Open Movalogue Zoom Call to create an opportunity to get connected, ask questions and offer participation. The hosting team is very grateful for all the input and comments, which gave us a good additional inspiration and 'sensing from the field' what might emerge during our gathering. A taste of the key questions which came up:

  • Are you interested to create a 'sound of the group'?

  • What is the value of presence?

  • How to use the "seed dance" as a SPT practice?

  • What emerges when we collectivly practice?

  • How do body and mind work together and deal with expectations?

In case that you would like to participate in this inspiring event of 'moving dialogue' based on SPT practices just visit the registration page at:

Full of curiosity and excitement Your Movalogue Hosting Team Vasco, Katherina, Dirk, Johanna, Bob

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