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Movalogue 2019 is shaping

Dear Movaloguers,

the 2019 Movalogue planning process is moving ahead. An inspired team of people met in monthly calls since summer and collectively sensed into what is emerging from their mind, heart and will. Within an iterative process of listening, connecting, letting go and and letting come step by step the Movalogue 2019 is shaping from the field of possibilities. While being very excited and although not all details are fully clear yet, we today would like to already give you a quick glimpse about whats coming up to a little bit feed your curiosity.

What is already clear is, that we will have a change in time and place. Although the Alanus campus with its combination of art and nature was a perfect place to start our Movalogue journey it became quite quickly clear, that we would look for a new place in 2019 to keep the Movalogue affordable and open for a diverse participation. At the moment we are in a process of choosing between 2 different venues which definitely both will be seated more south in Europe.

Even if Alanus is not hosting the next Movalogue they will continue to offer SPT trainings in German language. You'll find them already open for registration on their website or by following this links "Basiskurs" and "Aufbaukurs". Beside that we are in a process to offer a specific training to combine SPT and Art (work title: "The Act of Creation") for 2020, which should bring embodiment practices to the artistic process of creation.

Along with this change in place we also decided to move from a spring to an autumn time frame, which will give us some further time for planning and preparation. The exact days aren't conclusively decided, but you might already mark the week from 23.-29 September 2019 in your calendar. I am not taking too much risk by saying it will be very much worth while. More detailed information will be provided by end of January 2019.

Finally, we are delighted to report that during the last SPT Teachers meeting in November, Movalogue was mentioned as a relevant SPT project on the map of the current global SPT eco-system.. It is both an honour and an obligation to further develop the participatory approach of this event in order to spread the power of Social Presencing Theater into different areas of individual and societal change.

Stay tuned!

Your Movalogue Planning Team

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