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Movalogue 2019 at Quinta Ten Chi

Dear Movaloguers,

just in time before stepping into the holiday season we are happy to announce that the next Movalogue will take place from 26. - 29. September 2019 at Quinta Ten Chi in Sintra, Portugal. Although not all details are settled yet you might already add this event to your annual planning.

by Agathe Peltereau-Villeneuve

Be prepared to join us in some nourishing days at a very special and beautiful place. A place where a co-creative community of practice refines their listening to the wisdom of the body to bring forth a transformation of humanity toward harmony, cooperation and peace. We are inspired to become part of their vision and it feels to be a natural next step to further foster the embodied participatory approach of the Movalogue and integrate SPT into a daily living.

Quinta Ten Chi is a place where individual, social and earth body can meet to co-create the emerging future. Our first tender images of crystallizing showed a nourishing tree with sparrows playfully flying in and out. A tree to meet, practice, eat, work and connect. An open and inviting container to be and do.

For now we like to leave you with this hopefully inspiring image and we wish you a peaceful holiday season with your beloved family and friends.

Your Movalogue Planning Team

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