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Asia Movalogue from 2022 to 2023

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

On December 5th, in the last Asia Movalogue gathering of year 2022, following a Seed Dance, and sharing seed gestures, we closed the session with the feeling of being in the universal womb, as Petra shared, while moving on the train and participating all along. The platform of Asia Movalogue is a spin-off from Movalogue to hold a place and time in serving the Pan Asian region and beyond for SPT practitioners. Whether with SPT experience or not, this is a platform to practice movement and inspire an embodied dialogue.

The initiative came from from Jennifer, Lashminrayana and Petra, who are also in part of Movalogue firekeepers team and have close association to SPT practices. The kick-off session in July 2022, started with grounding and a 20-minutes Dance, ever since the routine was prepared for base of social field and called upon leadership to facilitate the assembling of the social body.

Ma, the moment of pause, in the context of SPT, naturally arrived in between the moments and threading and weaving a silky shawl of love and care for the rest of social body, composed of the diversified Asia cultures from India, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. Rising from the generative dialogue after sharing seed gestures, a Ma space and some reflections on collective pain- the intergenerational trauma. The pain is strong resonant and deeply rooted in many Asian family-centered living context. When Preeti brought this pain to our attention and shared a graphic depiction as below,saying‘ it’s up to you to break generational trauma’. The feeling of stuck and courage both present at the moment. Reading comments from Preeti ”(al)though (I’m )not sure if that change/switch is easy.." is such a strong resonance. Making a change is immediate call. The beauty is we are collectively, consciously direct our awareness to the situation. There is more space to breathe and embrace each other.

Arawana in “The Art of Making a True Move: Chapter 3” mentioned : That gesture imprints on the body a potential for big impact. Insight gained from the gesture can shift how a person thinks about situation, how they feel about it, and what action they might take. It expresses the power in what Michael Stubberup, a col- league in Denmark, calls “the smallest possible change.” Michael says that a small shift goes unnoticed by the forces in ourselves and in our social systems that resist and fight against change. Small changes sneak into our system without causing pushback.

We plant seeds and sense into our current reality and direct our attention to small changes possible for emerging future. "This is a place where you can feel the flow of energy, listen and emanate love within and around", as shared from Vidhya.

Welcome to join the Asia Movalogue, Every 1st Saturday of month

17:30 India Time

20:00 Taipei/HK/Philippine Time

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