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Asia Movalogue May session

2 new participants joined the May session of Asia Movalogue: one from Australia and the other from NYC. Surprisingly, the timing worked out perfectly for a morning practice.

We began with a check-in, where we shared our recent life experiences and emotions. Speaking from our hearts allowed us to establish a connection and encouraged our new friends to open up. Lakshminarayana guided us through a gentle grounding exercise and a 20-minute dance. He instructed us to lie on the ground, feel our spines, and connect with the Earth. The deep relaxation that followed calmed our systems and brought our senses to the present moment. Lakshminarayana's soothing and steady voice provided a comforting presence. One of the newly joined participants shared her reflections on the 20-minute journey, saying, "I'm not sure what's right or wrong. My mind is filled with doubts, perhaps stemming from the fear of the unknown. In the end, I feel that there is no right or wrong; I simply accept it all."

During the practice, a sudden realization struck me as I looked at my drawing. A couple of years ago, I underwent surgery, and a part of my body was irreversibly separated. I never properly acknowledged the loss of that part. I felt a profound sadness, recognizing the significance of the missing piece that had once been an integral part of my entire system.

The system is constantly evolving and transforming. Some parts go missing, fade away, or pass on, while others emerge, are born anew, and express creativity. We celebrate the new and the upcoming, but at the same time, we mourn and honor what becomes obsolete, allowing ourselves to fully let go.

This personal experience holds a special place in my heart, and I am grateful for the support of Lakshminarayana and Petra.


Resting in the womb

Of mother earth


Being hold

Just being


Petra Borgmann Durrie

Upcoming practice: June 3rd ( First Saturday of Every Month) 20:00 HKT

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