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Dear lovers and friends of Social Presencing Theater,

We encourage you to register now for the Social Presencing Theater Movalogue Europe 2018, an exciting opportunity for you to meet with other SPT practitioners for an intensive weekend of deepening, discovering and co-creating.

Current SPT practices will be used as the base and the U will serve as the guideline for the progression of time through the days (seeing, sensing, presencing, crystallising and prototyping). The space will be open for the input, interests and imagination of the participants.

The planning and design of the Movalogue revolves around the primary objectives to:

  • Deepen and strengthen the foundations of our SPT practice

  • Share successes, challenges, insights and ideas from participants’ experiences using SPT methodologies and exercises

  • Discover ways participants can work together during the weekend and afterwards

  • Explore the unknown, co-create and dance into the emerging future.

This is the time and space for you to connect with other SPT practitioners and expand possibilities to be engaged and motivated. Let’s collectively bring the value, spirit and practice of SPT to the next level!

We ask you to register soonest so we can have a clear idea of how many people to plan for in the space. If you are not able to join us, please spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

Should you have any questions about the Movalogue, please call Dirk at +49 1711481075 or contact him by email to

The Movalogue Host Team

Dirk, Johanna, Vasco, Katherina and Bob

* Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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