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Dancing with the Blue

visual scribing by Denise Sob o Sol

Another step forward towards the birth of this year's Movalogue.

Our third Open Movalogue call of the year unfolded to become a Dance with the Blue. This time having 19 people from 9 countries made it a smoothly growing global gathering. A lot of healing quality was expressed while curiously following what emerged through our individual and collective bodies. At the end Allie Middleton brought a poem to us that beautifully summarizes the very special atmosphere of being connected in presence.

Thresholds of Blue Timelessness (what was said as we checked out, an archetypal poem) I Even if I am just an "emergent" attempting to articulate, to speak the words, being in your space and seeing something is amazing. Staying present to knowing we don't have to teach. It's in the allowing. II Now I know why you were listening to me. We've got some threads from staying present to our common threads, opening circles of connection on the grid. III So staying present to a bunch of strangers, who never met, staying present to so many endings and beginnings. As someone said and another said, "be invisible." Our power is not to exist. Our choice may be not to be visible. excerpt from the book ‘A Wayfinder’s Wandering’ of Allie Middleton

If you would like to become part of this social field of collective emergency, feel heartfelt to our Open Movalogue Calls, which take place every 3rd Tuesday a month. The next one will take place on April 19 at 4 PM CET.

Looking forward to presencing with you

Your Movalogue Firekeepers

with great gratitude for Petra guiding us into a grounding and opening the session to a co-creative participatory facilitation and the abundant visual recordings of Denise, Geisa and Petra.

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