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When a System is Dying

During our April Open Movalogue session we collectively sensed into the dying parts of the systems we are in. Beautifully guided by the call hosts Hellen and Petra I had the chance to focus attention as a participant on the imprint current hierarchical power systems - often based on patriarchal roots - leaves in my body. In breakout duets we individually stepped into an adapted 3-step stuck practice to first embody the current reality and sense into it. From there we moved into a new shape expressing a next possible step and thereafter let a third sculpture emerge that represents the highest future possibility. (for further details about the process see blog post “Every moment is a starting moment”)

Although at first feeling some resistance to embody hierarchical power structures and especially patriarchy I took a deep breath to let go of any mental judgement and hand over to my embodied wisdom and let a first sculpture emerge. I noticed that my body moved into a grounded, stable and balanced shape coming along with a feeling of honoring ancestors, who gave their best to build the system I am currently living in. It came along with a sense of grieving like we would do when someone is dying. On my way to sculpture 2 I sensed a wave of change coming from my upper left side, which created feelings of curiosity and fear at the same time. Sculpture 3 brought me into a joyful laid back position after being cleansed by the wave of transition and now feeling grounded in ease and abundance.

It surprised me that the feeling of grief came along with sensing into a dying power system. It reminded me that grieving is a spontaneous response to dying whether it is a close person, a specific life situation or even a bigger social or economic system. It connected me to a time some years ago when my dad passed away. The last moments were filled with honoring him beyond any judgement, which children might have upon their parents. I remember that this universal forgiveness was crucial for letting go in love and peace. My mind started to mirror this experience on the transformational processes initiated by the Theory U, which makes us sense higher future possibilities and let a future system crystallize. It reminded me of the circular gardening in permaculture. What has died is valued as a natural resource by being composted to nourish the plants of the next cycle. Nothing is ‘thrown away’ as useless, activities are driven by a deeper systemic understanding about how past, current and future elements are depending on each other.

Two powerful questions were born in me that day and continue to engage me:

  1. How can our past become the nourishing soil of our future?

  2. What rituals of grieving transform the binding energy of what is dying?

I am grateful about this fresh embodied experience, which shifted and widened my perspective about the past. It made me aware about circular principles, which value the nourishing ingredients of a dying system.

words by Dirk Bräuninger inspired by the Open Movalogue field

scribing by Geisa Paganini de Mio


In the next call on May 16, 2023 we will invite you to sense deeply into silence (MA)

  • exploring how we remain present in our everyday lives

  • what triggers us into absence

  • what emerges from our social fields.

Your hosting duet will be Patricia Scott and Jennifer Cheng.

To receive the zoom link please press below button and register.

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

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