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Every moment is a starting moment

Updated: May 2, 2023

A next step emerging

The previous open Movalogue call on April 18, 2023, was co-created by Hellen Hettinga and me (Petra Borgmann Durrie). We sensed a deep curiosity to build on a topic, which became present in the previous Movalogue firekeeper meeting two weeks ago. We exchanged and sensed into the past conversations. Into the not yet perceptible, not yet digested.

A topic is crystallizing

This opened the collective creative space. I showed Hellen a drawing in which she saw a chrysalis in which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

What wanted to be looked at and going through metamorphosis? Areas in us we prefer to avoid to stay in our comfort zone by to avoid uncomfortable emotions? If we want to grow – as individuals and as Movalogue we may be called to leave our comfort zone and step into the heat of the fire.

There was this word, almost unspeakable: Patriarchy. A word from the last Movalogue firekeeper call. We sensed together and widened our view and added hierarchy, power structures, colonialization Agreeing that it is not at all about being male or female, rather about masculine and feminine qualities and energies which are present in everyone.

We pondered together on a story told by Lynne Twist:

„The Bird of Humanity. The bird of humanity comes from the Baha’i people and it’s also been validated and affirmed and comes through the Cherokee people as well. It says that the bird of humanity has two great wings, a male wing and a female wing. The male wing has been fully extended and fully fleshed out and fully strong and fully expressed for hundreds and hundreds of years. But the female wing of the bird of humanity has been folded in, not quite fully extended, not quite fully expressed for hundreds of years.

The male wing of the bird of humanity has had to become over muscular, overdeveloped, and ultimately, has had to become violent to keep the bird of humanity afloat. And therefore we’ve been flying in circles for hundreds and hundreds of years. This is the century, the first century of the third millennium, when the feminine wing, the female wing in all of us will fully extend itself, fully express itself in women and men, and the male wing will begin to relax and the bird of humanity, for the first time, will soar.“

It promptly became clear that the method of STUCK was the right one to use, to experiment with. We both sensed into our bodies. And body memories, familiar patterns, arose in us which had to do with certain behaviors like: asking for permission to speak up when in a situation of powerful dynamics, feeling small in the presence of strong authority.

Adding a sculpture 3 in the Stuck exercise

The following hypothesis arose: Can we remember our higher SELF – being whole – ? Are the two wings present in us? Even though it is not yet or never will be our reality in our lived life?

For this experiment I suggested to offer a STUCK exercise with a sculpture 3.

In the open Movalogue call this exercise became the central part. With the question: Find a personal Stuck moment having to do with the subject of patriarchy, hierarchy, domination.

Then, let your body move and find a shape from sculpture 1 to 3.

1. Sculpture 1: An embodiment of a present situation

2. Sculpture 2: A truthful next step, which is not necessarily pleasant

3. Sculpture 3: An embodiment from your highest future possibility

In our session we tried this exercise in pairs in breakout rooms.

From one observer perspective the following was noted:

“I loved the 3 sculptures instead of 2. 2 seems static balance and 3 seems a dynamic balance.

I can feel the movement and the dialogue.” A U process. I sensed it this way, see drawing.

My learning: The caterpillar plays an important role in the life circle. Enjoy being a caterpillar and to stay open to go into the next stage. The death of the old is a rebirth of something new. And the whole is in all stages. Sculpture 3 brought the balance. I embrace that I followed my intuition to create the extended STUCK exercise. It will be great to further explore Sculpture 3 in other sessions. Co-creating with Hellen – with her loving, holding energy and her sensing and seeing from her perspective – is a joy.

Hellen’s learning: the transformation process is like a chrysalis, a holding space. How do we create conditions for people to step into this? How do we collectively hold this lightly and without judgement, so we can really hold space for transformations to unfold, creating space for new possibilities?

Growing our wings for moving Movalgue together

In our de-briefing Hellen and I felt that our wings had grown by co-creating and stepping up to take on more responsibility in the Movalogue.

As distributed leadership, being in service to whatever wants to flow through us. Feeling held and supported by our Movalogue circle.

And we pass our co-creating facilitator stick to other Movalogue firekeepers until it is our turn again. An opportunity for all to evolve in all aspects together.

Every moment is a starting moment


An inner fire that keeps us coming to our place

Thirsty, as vampires for blood, oxygen and connection

Nourishing, keeping us and Movalogue alive

Unspeakable words like patriarchy, hierarchy and power structures

Become speakable, loosen up

Become decolonised

As we practice basic moves

Physical tensions, overwhelm, violence, strong emotions

Are invited

To the space in between

A chrysalis, in a universal cycle of regeneration

No by-passing, no denial

Our bodies know what to do

Growing roots from and through our interconnectedness

A living web of life

In Stuck we meet, each body in its own landscape

Through sculptures 1, 2 and 3

A dynamic balance finds its way

Trusting a U-process of movement and dialogue

Fearful and curious

Polarities find shelter, they can relax

We are learning that comfort and discomfort can sit by the fire


Feeling a shift, a turning, within and beyond

An expansion, a greeting, an embrace

As we move, stand and come closer

New perspectives get revealed

We remember what it is to be whole again


Recognizing the beauty and strength

Connecting to a spark when life started, long ago

Turning to abundance, light

With curiosity, love and joy

We relax and lie down in a field of possibilities

Discovering our place and unique way to shine

Not yet there

In this unknown journey for which we have no map

We are joining forces

Until the wings are ready to fly

Guided by a longing to come home.

written by Hellen Hettinga and Petra Borgmann Durrie

Do you want to join us for our next Open Movalogue call on May 16, 2023 at 4pm CET/ 11 am EST/ 11 pm CST/ 8:30 pm IST.

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Looking forward to co-sensing and co-creating with you!

Your Movalogue Firekeepers

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