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Pre-Connecting and Planning

The summer has fully arrived and the Social Presencing Theater Movalogue is coming closer in big steps. Behind the scene the planning team is stepping forward having monthly conf calls and collaborating in between. Today we would like to keep you posted about the lastest developments and further open up and connect with the Social Body of the Movalogue community.

The program flow of our joint days at Quinta Ten Chi in September is further shaping and we would like to keep you posted about:

  • Flow of Day 1 (incl. time schedule)

  • Upcoming Zoom Session(s)

  • Movalogue Community Area


The Flow of Day 1

To support the travel planning and make the arrival of participants easy and smooth we created a flexible schedule for day 1 with some precise entry points, where we intend to meet as a group.

Thursday, 26th of September 

12:00 am (WET)

​- arrival, putting up tents, ...

3:00 pm: registration is open

5:00 pm: fluid informal come together

6:00 pm: joint welcome session

7:00 pm: dinner

8:30 pm: sensing into the field of Quinta Ten Chi

8:45 pm: joint evening session

Further details can be found on our program page, which will be updated based on the outcome of the preparation process.


Upcoming Zoom Session(s)

The Movalogue being a participatory event would love to listen and interact with people being interested to participate or who have already registered.

A first zoom call is scheduled for the August, 12 at 7:30 pm (CET).

It will a space to share intentions and do some Q&A around the Movalogue 2019.

The zoom conference details will be shared some days in advance with a next blog post. Stay tuned.


Movalogue Community Area

If you are looking for travel-/roommates or would like to share your ideas about the Movalogue please feel free to use our community area. It is free and easy to get registered and participate.


Your Movalogue Planning Team

Agathe, Rita, Johanna, Peter, Dheera, Katherina, Sebastian and Dirk

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