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Sensing into the Movalogue 2023 Motto

Edited by Hellen Hettinga

Our July Open Call invited us to sense into the motto that we´ll explore together in the upcoming Movalogue 2023 gathering, which will take place on August 25-27.

Once again, we are surprised by the interconnections, the themes that come up as undercurrents through our social body. When listening to the field we connect to the land, stones, rivers, seas, mountains… Wise relatives, reminding us of the relativity of time.

Our wonderful scribes share how they co-created the collective scribing for the Movalogue 2023 gathering. Crafted with so much attention and love, each artist brings their gifts into creative expression, every part finding its space in the whole,... like a constellation,... connecting the Earth and the Sky.

A homage to daily life,... lovingly making tea or brewing coffee,... allowing the water to seep in, enhance the aroma,... to reveal its essence. Slowing down. Taking time. Caring for ourselves and others, as we pour a nourishing cup into our day-to-day lives…acknowledging the past and being present to the future that emerges through us…

In a 10-minute Dance our bodies guide us through movement and stillness. As the Earth holds us lovingly, we´re reminded of Source. Like a freshwater lake moved by cosmic time, a vital connection to the flow of life…sounds from daily life ripple through our shared Zoom windows.

In pairs, we ponder on what the motto awakes in us…and then share what comes up together in the main room. An expression of love, an appreciation for life’s beautiful messiness, allowing light and shadow to find a place in daily life. In their scribings, Petra and Geisa amazingly reflect what emerges.

What may Movalogue 2023 reveal to us?

Come and find out! Join us on 25 - 27 August 2023.

Bring your gifts, your presence, your participation and/or your facilitation as we are coming together in celebration!

“The art and heart

in me and you

of daily life

in past and present

this mova(e)logue

in now and beyond

with body and breath”


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Dirk Bräuninger
Dirk Bräuninger
22 de jul. de 2023
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

What a beautiful read.

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